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This is bad news for all football players who love watching free soccer online. soccer streams The subreddit SoccerStreams with almost 500000 subscribers was taken down after getting Copyright warning from Premier League team. SoccerStreams forum was one of the most trusted pages for sharing and receiving high-quality football streams. For all league matches, no matter which country the game is going on, there will be at least one streaming link in this Reddit forum. For popular matches like Premier League, La Liga, Spanish League etc, there will be hundreds of illegal streaming links soccerstreams in both HD and SD quality.This Reddit forum became more popular during the FIFA 2018 world cup. Around 1 million people were online on this particular page during every match. Most streaming links shared on this forum was of AceStream which works on P2P technology similar to that of torrent. Every people watching videos on AceStream broadcast the same content to other people on the network. Thus there will be no server issues or network lagging.

Top 3 Reddit Alternatives for SoccerStreams Following are the best SoccerStream alternatives which are currently available on Reddit. However, Reddit moderators are hunting down all such illegal soccer streaming pages and we are not sure how long these subreddits exist. All of these subreddits provide both AceStream and direct streaming links. Let’s have a brief look at each.

#1:- soccerstreams This subreddit is created for those who wish to get football links on Reddit itself. This Reddit page has around 10k subscribers and there will be 1k members online every time. However. Live streaming links will be available on this page just before each match. Anyway, this page is big enough in size and most live matches are covered. Sadly, No Especially Asian league matches. You will get AceStream links and direct links for all popular matches from r/soccerstreamreds

#2:- r/soccerstreamsreds Another subreddit page which provides streaming links before each match. Its new but mostly provides links for top matchesBest Discord Channel for Getting Live Football LinksIf you are a tech enthusiast, you may have heard about Discord. Discord is basically a VoIP application which is initially intended for sharing text, audio, images, and videos related to games. You can run the Discord application on all operating systems and on web browsers. Right after Reddit banned SoccerStreams, this discord server started its operation. soccerstream  Within a couple of weeks, more than 1.5 lakh members joined the server and there will be thousands of members online every time.This channel is working similar to SoccerStreams subreddit. Users can Direct Message the admin panel or moderators to send channel links. Once they approve, you can send links of any matches. You will be provided a soccer streams streamer role for future link sharing. Similar to SoccerStreams, streamers can post live match links only before 1 hour of the match and the channel links will be visible only before 30 minutes of the match. So if you visit the discord channel when there is no live game going on, you won’t see any links.View

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